Car Diffusers

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For your safety, make sure to refer to the instructions below.

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Instruction hanging car diffuser

1 - Unscrew the wooden lid, remove the plastic stopper and screw the wooden lid back on.
2 - Tip the bottle upside down for 1-2 seconds, allowing the fragrance to absorb into the lid.
WARNING: If you tip the bottle for too long the fragrance has the potential to clog the wood and leak.
3- Remove the wooden lid and replace the plastic stopper to prevent leakage.
4 - Replace the wooden lid and tie/hang on your car rear view mirror or anywhere you want!
5 - Repeat the steps to add more fragrance

Please visit our FAQ for additional information.

Instruction car diffuser refill

Unscrew the lid and use the dropper to refill your hanging car diffuser.

General Safety

Do not ingest the oil, seek medical attention immediately. Prohibit to use for any purpose other than its intended use of fragrance. Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes or skin, if occurs, rinse with water immediately. if irritation persist, contact a physician. Avoid contact with furnishing, fabric and painted or wooden surfaces. It is dangerous to leave the product near the flame. Do not use the oil in an enclosed place without adequate ventilation.


Please note that diffuser oils are corrosive if spilled and can potentially ruin the plastic/vinyl of the interiors of the car, so please be careful when tipping the bottle to saturate the top. We recommend re-applying the plastic topper after every use as it can avoid spills.

Studio Akiyo is not liable for damages caused by spilled or leaked oil. If you spill any oil wipe away immediately with a cloth. By purchasing this product you release Studio Akiyo from any liability. In the event that you receive a damaged item please message us so we can replace it. If you choose to use a damaged item we are not responsible for any damages that may occur.