Essentials for your sculptural candles

Sculptural candles or also called decorative candles are simply everywhere right now and you might have seen them on social media like Instagram. Elegant and sophisticated, they are a great way to naturally elevate any room or space. Most are made unscented, so there is no stopping you from collecting as many as you want! From ribbed designs to the most exquisite work of art, sculptural candles are so much more than functional objects, even though they look too pretty to burn. 

You might think its just candles and there's nothing that much special to it, right? Truthfully, in order to maximize your favorite candle & prevent any type of danger, there's a few essential items that you simply need.

Trays ~

Whether your candle is in a glass jar, wooden jar or comes in no jar at all like a pillar candle, you must always place your candle in a stable, fire resistant surface that will collect any wax. Especially important with any type of sculptural candle designs, as wax spillage is expected. Where to we find such surface? You can start your research with any type of decorative trays. Like sculptural candles, decorative trays can come in various sizes, shapes & colors. Some are handcrafted with Jesmonite or Concrete and can even serve as functional and multipurpose trays for your home. 

Candle Holders ~

Taper candles has been there since the middle of the 19th but they are back in style with the most exquisite designs and colors. As staying in is the new going out, they are simply a must for setting the mood. You will need to use candle holders to provide a secure and safe base for your candlestick. Coming in various heights and sizes, you can use your imagination or browse ideas on Pinterest to create a beautiful table centerpiece. 

Wick Trimmers ~

For any candle lovers out there, a wick trimmer is simply the most essential tool. As you may know (or not!), when first lighting your candle you must always trim the wick to 1/4''. You might wonder why not use a pair of scissors to trim the wick, right? Well scissors are just not designed for that, especially when the wick becomes hard to reach. A wick trimmer has a clipping mechanism that runs parallel to the surface of the wax. This allows you to trim your wick cleanly and without debris fallout. They also feature a curved shape which allows you to use it in any deep or small hole.

Always make sure to refer to the burning instruction and safety warnings that came with your candles.
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