DIY, Learn how to make the iconic bubble candle

Have you ever dreamed of learning the art of sculptural candle making but simply didn't know where to start? 

You might have seen them on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, bubble candles or any type of sculptural candles are everywhere on social media right now. These decorative candles adds a touch of art to any room or space and we can't get enough of them.

When it comes to learning how to make candles, there are so many things to know and equipment to get before you can even start making your very first candle. We have gathered for you all the basics so you can easily learn how to make them!

 DIY KIT - Classic Bubble Candle

With our DIY KIT you will be able to make not one but 2 classic bubble candle - unscented. We have shared our expertise in the instruction and even included pro tips if you want to take your do it yourself kit to the next level.

The box contains;

• Instructions in both English and French
• 1 Reusable Bubble Candle Mold
• 2 Bags of Soy Wax Pastilles
• 1 Wooden Wick Holder
• 2 Cotton Wicks
• 1 Dye Flakes (if colored option)

This makes such a nice activity to do in your self care time or with your friends and family. We do have to warn you; you will become obsessed with bubble candles!

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