Our Story

Studio Akiyo was born in the midst of the pandemic, in January 2022 after I felt the need to turn my home into my very own sanctuary to rest and recharge. I quickly realized the lack of options for handcrafted candles & décor that inspires moment of rest and tranquility, with soft smells and colors.

As our homes are our safe places to recharge and recover from all the stimulation of the hectic world, the simplicity, calm and ease of neutral colors have a direct soothing and calming effect on our moods.

"As someone who is ADHD and living with the constant overstimulation of life, I have implemented soft neutral colors around me and it helped me in every aspect of my life. The calm and peacefulness of my home has literally become my sanctuary & I started Studio Akiyo in the hopes to help others have more peace into their life''
Chloe, owner and creator of Studio Akiyo